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Paddle Board Reviews Videos

We have curated a series of paddle board reviews videos for your education. These paddle boards reviews will help you better understand the types of paddle boards on the market as well as the quality of the paddle boards. In recent years there has been an influx in Chinese companies making really cheap poor quality inflatable paddle boards and selling them for a few hundred dollars. We highly recommend that you stay away from these SUPs as they won't last long at all. You will get much more value for your dollar if you buy one of our inflatable paddle boards that will last you years and be of very high quality. 

Stand up paddle board review 11 foot Wizard Angler fishing SUP

SUP board race fin overview by Danny Ching

RiverSUP C4 Waterman Board Review

Coreban Nitro 8’5” SUP board review

Stand up paddle board review of Rogue 12 foot tropical all water SUP by Stand on Liquid

Review of 10’6” and 11’6” Riviera