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Paddle Board Technique Overview

What's the best technique for stand up paddle boarding?

Paddle boarding can initially seem like a daunting task. How do I properly stand up on my board? Where do I place my feet? What direction should I use my paddle? All of these are common questions from beginner paddle boarders. Although each paddle boarder will have their own tips and tricks we want to share with you the overall best paddle board technique.

If you continue to lose balance and flip over into the water, chances are you aren't using the correct technique. The best way to stand up on your board is to start from your knees. From your knees its easier to gauge your balance before fully standing up. Place both your knees on the EVA foam deck pad on our paddle boards making sure they are on opposite sides, and slightly behind the middle handle piece. Your toes should barely be lined up with the bottom of the middle carrying handle. One foot at a time, bring your body to a standing position. Make sure your feet are behind the handle and equal distance apart from the center, but still on the deck pad. Once you find a comfortable position, keep your feet rooted. Do not move your feet at all when paddling on the board, all of the energy used in pushing the paddle should be generated from your thighs, core, shoulders and momentum.

How to use a sup paddle

If you are right hand dominate place your right hand on the top of your paddle board paddle, and place your left hand roughly 2 feet further down the shaft. If you are left hand dominate, place your left hand on the top of the paddle and your right further down the shaft. The angled "coved in" side of your paddle should be facing toward you when you stroke, and should act as a cup to move the water. It is recommended to use 3 strokes on one side of your board before switching sides. This continuity will help you paddle in a straight distance. Think of it like kayaking, if you only paddled on one side, you would slowly drift that direction. Make sure to fully submerge the paddle face into the water with each push, ensuring you are moving the water underneath your board. Remember, use your core, thighs, and shoulders to generate the power, DO NOT move your feet!