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Electric Paddle Board Pump Approved

Can I use an electric pump to inflate my inflatable SUP?

Yes, we sell an electric paddle board pump for your iSUP, that can attach to any car lighter, making it easy to use on the go. This pump is extremely easy to use and wont require you to hand pump your board.

Unboxing and a walkthrough on how to use our electric paddle board pump:

Note: You can "over inflate" these boards and damage them by using a high-pressure air compressor. Keep this in mind when you attempt to use anything other than the high-pressure hand pump or electric pump that we sell. That being said, we've heard that some rental fleet operators have found a solution to use a high-pressure air compressor to inflate the boards. They custom fit their compressor hose fitting with the H3 valve fitting off of our hand pump and then simply time the inflation, making sure to stop the inflation process before the board becomes over inflated and damaged. So, the short answer is yes, you can use a compressor, but when you go this route you are assuming liability for any damage to your board. It's your call.