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Stand Up Board Single or Double Chamber

How many chambers does an inflatable stand up board have?

The Tower inflatable stand up boards are single chambered. It is highly unlikely you will sustain any sort of puncture during everyday use. The inflatable stand up boards are very durable and are not susceptible to rocks, coral, etc. We have put our inflatable paddle boards through numerous tests to ensure that you are getting the highest quality iSUP. For example we have dropped our inflatable stand up boards off of buildings to show they won't pop when they hit the concrete. We have also driving over them with a car to show that they can even withstand intense pressure.

As you can see by the video below our inflatable stand up boards are incredibly durable. We have put them through nearly every test imaginable and they have passed! Whether or not an iSUP is one chamber or two chambers does not matter if the stand up board is as durable as ours is. With a two year warranty, you are sure to get incredible value from one of our best stand up paddle boards