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Kids Stand Up Paddle Board Videos

We have compiled a list of kids stand up paddle board videos for you to enjoy. Paddle boarding is the perfect family activity to partake in for many reasons. First, everyone can do it! It is so easy to paddle board that no matter what your athletic skill set is you will be able to stand up and paddle on a paddle board. Our inflatable paddle boards make it incredibly easy to transport a board as well. You won't have to worry about your kid damaging it either because iSUPs are very hard to damage unlike standard paddle boards. Inflatable paddle boards are perfect for kids because they are durable and portable. Check out our inflatable paddle board reviews to get other opinions on our award winning paddle boards. 

Kids SUP

Kids day on the stand up paddleboards

Kids stand up paddle boarding

4 year old toddler stand up paddle surfer

Trent Carter Paddleboard Demo

C4 SUP with kids

SUP Spin class and yoga for kids – Hawaii Style

Kids day on the stand up paddleboards

GONG stand up paddle surf with kid