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Racing Paddle Board Videos

We have collected a series of racing paddle board videos for your enjoyment. These videos range from competitive races to community events. Paddle board racing has become a popular sport with the emergence of stand up paddle boarding. At Tower we sell a very high quality inflatable racing paddle board that is built for speed. Racing paddle boards is a very safe and fun activity to do if you have a group of people who have SUPs on the water. If you are near a large lake or ocean, you will have plenty of room to conduct a race. Whether it is a short sprint or a long race, having a paddle board that is designed for racing is key. 

2010 Battle of the paddle Dana Point Pro Elite Race

Sunset Pro SUP Contest

Anglet SUP 2010

2009 Battle of the Paddle Pro Elite Race

Stand up paddle race

Battle of the paddle Hawaii 2010

Battle of the paddle Hawaii distance race

Coreban wave pool stand up paddle surfing SUP event at Sun City

Stand up paddleboard Fort Lauderdale Beach

Hayling Island SUP event

Lake Tahoe SUP “Jam in the Dam” 2010

2011 Jam in the Dam SUP Race

Donner Lake O’neill Memorial Day SUP Race