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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Is an inflatable a good SUP for yoga?

Yes, iSUPs are great for stand up paddle board yoga for many reasons. First, stand up paddle board yoga is a great way to get outside while doing yoga. Inflatable paddle boards offer a more intense way to experience paddle board yoga. Another reason paddle board yoga is so awesome is because you have to balance on the iSUP while doing your yoga pose. This adds an extra layer of exercise that will improve your core strength. 

The construction of the board is another great reason for stand up paddle board yoga. While the entire board is very rigid, there is a bit of give at pressure points. This makes it a much more comfortable board to practice yoga. Additionally, our touring paddle board makes for a great yoga paddle board because it is so large and stable. 

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Tips:

  • Find a calm spot in the water where the waves are minimal
  • If you can, anchor your paddleboard to a dock or boat so that you don't float away while doing yoga
  • Slowly transition between poses so that you do not lose balance and fall in
  • Enjoy the solitude and serenity of being out in nature while doing yoga