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SUP Technique For Tracking

How do I straighten out the tracking of my SUP board?

If you find your board is snaking back and forth more than you like in the water (where you're having to switch paddling sides more often than you like), you can correct this to a large degree by changing your fin configuration.

Lighter riders are often times perfectly fine paddling straight with only a single center fin. Heavier riders can sometimes find themselves snaking back and forth more than they would like. To fix this, we recommend adding a pair of side fins to complement the center fin and increase your boards traction. With your Tower hard top paddleboard purchase, we include 2 Futures side fins that are compatible with your board. On our inflatable paddle boards, two small side fins come preinstalled on the board.

If you don't want to add two side fins to your board, you can also simply replace the center fin with a big rudder-like fin that is made for 10'-14' boards. This will also help you paddle in a straighter line.