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Tandem Paddle Board Videos

We have collected a series of tandem paddle board videos that will show you what its like to ride on a stand up paddle board with someone else. Tandem paddle boarding can be very fun to do as long as your have the right paddle board. At Tower, we have the perfect tandem paddle board in our touring paddle board. It's 14 feet long so it has plenty of room to fit 2 and even 3 people. Tandem paddle boarding can be a bit more dangerous than riding solo so be sure that you have the ride equipment and you are being careful. Check our our best stand up paddle board selection to see which paddle board is best for you!

Tandem SUP Paddling on the Hooked SUP

Hot Stand Up

Tandem Bikini SUP surfing at Capitola

Stand up paddle tandem

Tandem surfing in Austin

Tandem stand up paddle