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Do Used Paddleboards Have a Warranty?

Do Used Paddleboards Have a Warranty?

No. The used paddle boards we sell do not come with any warranty or returns. With that being said, all of our used boards have been vigilantly tested and have been labeled into two different categories. These boards have different price levels based on their conditions. They are previously returned boards, or boards that we have used only a few times here at our office that we either fix, or test to make sure they are still functional.

These used paddle boards for sale are labeled as "Grab Bag's" and are classified into to different categories:

Grab Bag option 1: Functions the exact same as a brand new iSUP, but has been used 2-3 times before. May have minor scuffs or blemishes but waterproof, airtight, and proven to hold air for at least 72+ hours at a time.

Grab Bag option 2: Will not hold air for 72+ hours at a time. Has been used 5+ more times and may include a small hole or leak, but fixable. If purchased we will send you a free repair kit and everything needed to patch up the leak and make the board rideable.

If your board was purchased secondhand, the warranty becomes voided. We will only honor the 2 year warranty towards those who directly bought the board from our website.