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Allison Dundovich - General Manager

Allison Dundovich Hired as Director of Digital Strategy for Tower Paddle Boards

San Diego, CA February 8th, 2013 – After closing out 2012 with $1.7 million in revenue, Tower decided to recruit a premiere college graduate to help move the company towards their $4 million goal in 2013, enter Allison Dundovich. With Dundovich’s extensive knowledge in entrepreneurship, she will help Tower further develop their advertising and digital strategy as they continue to grow and become a leading in the stand up paddle board industry.

“Allison came with the highest recommendation from esteemed San Diego entrepreneur Ray Hivoral, the founder of San Diego Regional Entrepreneur Center,” states Founder of Tower Paddle Boards, Stephan Aarstol, “It was a no brainer to bring her on board to further develop our brand as Tower continues to rapidly grow.”

The local San Diegan graduated from San Diego State University in only 3.5 years with a business degree specializing in entrepreneurship and an impressive academic and extracurricular resume. Dundovich also spent time studying international business in Rome, Italy.

“I stated at Tower fresh out of college, not knowing much about what I wanted to do other than to work in a fast-paced startup environment,” explains Dundovich, “Not long after starting, Stephan asked me ‘Does what you’re doing make you happy?’ That sort of genuine concern for his employees is hard to come by and is what makes working at Tower such a uniquely fulfilling experience. Yes, I’ve developed countless skills to further my career, but more importantly, Tower has taught me we all bring something more than that to the table.”

Dundovich is thrilled to be part of bringing the Southern California lifestyle she grew up with to the world.

About Tower:

The Tower brand is well known within the US, and at an exponentially growing pace worldwide, as the purveyor of the beach lifestyle. Tower creates products and services that engage and inspire the human spirit. They disrupt markets with their value proposition of selling high-quality at low cost by leveraging their online marketing expertise and their direct consumer online business model.