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How do I maintain my skateboard?

Maintaining your skateboard is relatively straight forward. The biggest causes of wear and damage to your skateboard are moisture, dirt and grit. We don’t recommend skateboarding in the rain, once moisture gets into the closed sections of your bearings, wheels and trucks they are difficult to clean and dry fully. Prolonged moisture in these components can lead to corrosion and subsequently reduce the quality and lifespan of the skateboard.

It is important to clean the components of your skateboard regularly to remove any loose dirt and grit that may become attached as a result of usage. We suggest that you clean down your board immediately after riding on surfaces that may be sandy or particularly dirty. As there is lubricant present in the bearings and trucks small particles can become stuck and increase the wear on those components quite easily.

As with all products, particularly those designed for outdoor use, there is a certain lifespan associated with the components. Regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of your board and components considerably.