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Inflatable Race SUP Sold Direct to Consumer

San Diego, CA December 31, 2012 – On December 17, 2012, stand up paddle boarding company, Tower Paddle Boards introduced a new addition to their inflatable paddle board series: The Tower Xplorer 14’ Race/Touring Inflatable Paddle Board. The board is 14 feet long, 32 inches wide, and 8 inches thick with an estimated volume of over 600 liters and a weight capacity of approximately 800 lbs on the water.

Xplorer High Speed Inflatable SUP

“It’s no doubt that inflatable paddle boards make the sport more accessible and convenient, however the only concern with these boards has always been performance-related” says company Owner Stephan Aarstol, “With our new Xplorer iSUP, you have the convenience and portability of an inflatable with the stability and speed of a hard board.”

With their new Tower Xplorer 14’ iSUP, Tower intends to address the needs of those interested in long distance paddling and racing.

“This board is great for beginner paddlers who want speed or for experienced racers who want a more convenient way to use a race board” explains Stephan, “We’re taking inflatable paddle boards where they’ve never been before with the Tower Xplorer. Not only is it the only 14’ long inflatable paddle board out there, but there is also no other 8 inch thick inflatable SUP at any length out on the market today."

The Tower Xplorer is expected to be available in late March, however Tower has been accepting pre-orders and now predicts to be nearly sold-out by the time the boards arrive. 

About Tower Paddle Boards

Tower Paddle Boards (on the web at is the manufacturer-direct stand up paddle boarding company. Tower forgoes the traditional distribution channel by cutting out retail entirely and only selling direct to market, so customers save $500 on SUPs.