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Lauralee McIntyre hired as Director of Communication

San Diego, CA July 15, 2014 – Tower Paddle Boards is excited to announce that Lauralee McIntyre will be joining their top tier team as Director of Communications. Tower prides their brand in top notch customer service. McIntyre will be in charge of overseeing customer communication and bringing it to an unbeatable level.

"As the prominence of our brand rises, we are finding we are able to recruit at a higher and higher level. With an impressive family background and solid interpersonal skills, we recruited Lauralee out of UCLA," explains Stephan Aarstol, CEO/Founder of Tower Paddle Boards, "Beyond Lauralee's standout academic credentials, she also possesses a tireless entrepreneurial work ethic and a genuine love of people."

Lauralee graduated from UCLA and before Tower worked as the Marketing Director for a prominent, tech-focused Los Angeles law firm where she was in charge of pairing high net worth investors with technology start-ups.

"My plans since I was young was go to law school after graduating college. All of that changed when my sister sent me the job description for the Director of Communications at a company we remembered watching on Shark Tank a couple of years prior," says McIntyre, "I was inspired by Stephan's presentation and felt like I could relate to him and his vision. I then emailed in my resume, despite my law school plans, and it took about two minutes into meeting with Stephan to realize I was exactly where I was meant to be."

McIntyre will also be heading the ambassador program, event planning and Tower Girls brand proliferation.

About Tower:

The Tower brand is well known within the US, and at an exponentially growing pace worldwide, as the purveyor of the beach lifestyle. Tower creates products and services that engage and inspire the human spirit. They disrupt markets with their value proposition of selling high-quality at low cost by leveraging their online marketing expertise and their direct consumer online business model.