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Lauralee McIntyre - Tower Director of Communications
Lauralee McIntyre

One of the distinguishing features of the Tower brand has always been a focus on creating an exceptional customer experience. Our brand grew to prominence and become the fastest growing private company in San Diego with a $0 advertising budget its first 3 years, after all. This feat was achieved largely by referrals from customers who were not just happy, but surprised and delighted. This is a central tenet of the Tower brand.

We recruited Lauralee McIntyre out of UCLA to further champion this cause as our Director of Communications, where among other things she will oversee our customer communications, ambassador program, event planning, and Tower Girls brand proliferation. Beyond Lauralee’s standout academic credentials, she also possesses a tireless entrepreneurial work ethic and a genuine love of people.

Lauralee was born in Poway, California where her mother was the Deputy Mayor and her father was the Executive Director of the San Diego chapter of the California Restaurant Association. The family then moved to Sacramento where her mother pursed a political career at the state capital and her father grew the firm he founded, McIntyre Marketing Communications.

While most kids spent their weekends doing household chores, from a young age Lauralee spent her free time learning from the entrepreneurial drive of her father by working alongside him in the office. As early as elementary school, she was responsible for assembling pamphlets, mailing out surveys, and even accompanying her father to client meetings. What began as simply pitching in to help out the family business, evolved into a true passion for marketing and entrepreneurship.

Lauralee worked her way through UCLA as the Marketing Director for a prominent, tech-focused LA law firm where she was responsible for matching high net worth investors with technology start-ups. Now, with Tower, Lauralee returns to her hometown as a key member of one of the city’s most promising new upstarts.