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Oceanography Definitions and Resources

Written by Stephan Aarstol

Oceanography, also known as marine science, is the scientific study of the ocean. There are many areas of studies, crossing over to other branches of science like chemistry, biology, meteorology, geography, and physics. The branches of oceanography are biological oceanography, chemical oceanography, geological oceanography, and physical oceanography. Some related disciplines include biogeography, coastal geography, geophysics, hydrology, and glaciology. Here's a comprehensive oceanography resource guide.


  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library : A great place to find journal articles, encyclopedias, E-journals, charts and maps, and publications.
  • Resources: The page provides maps of oceans, ocean circulation models, glossary, educational documents, and lots more.
  • Virtual Library - Oceanography : There's a geographical listing of all the continents with links to other marine resources.
  • Research: The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution center covers various topics including coastal sciences, natural hazards, ocean life, pollution, and more.
  • National Marine Sanctuaries Photo Gallery : A comprehensive collection of photos by National Marine Sanctuaries.
  • Oceanography Resources: The Princeton University Library offers information on various resources like books & encyclopedias, marine biology, map resources, and so on.
  • NODC: The official site of the National Oceanographic Data Center.
  • Oceanography: North Carolina State University's list of useful websites.
  • Oceanography Reference Resources : A great help with links to scientific reviews, bibliographies, handbooks and manuals, laws and regulations, and others.
  • Internet Resources : Come here to find search engines, directories, atlases, calculators, nautical charts, and so on.

Marine Biology

Marine Chemistry

Ocean Geology

Marine Physics

  • Ocean Waves: An excellent description of ocean waves.
  • More on Ocean Waves: This explanation is more technical with formula, graphs, and diagrams.
  • Tidal Height & Current: A tool to predict tidal height and current in many regions of the world.
  • Ocean Tides: Come here to learn about ocean tides.
  • Ocean Acoustics: A great resource center for people who interested in sounds waves in the ocean.
  • Radio Waves: Explains how radio waves are used to map currents in coastal ocean.

Careers in Oceanography

  • Careers: A good place to begin researching on a career in oceanography.
  • Choosing a Career: Follow this guide to find out which career is most suitable.
  • Opportunities: What can you do with degrees in Oceanography?
  • Oceanographer: Find out what it takes to become an oceanographer.
  • Jobs: Come here to look for jobs related to oceanography.
  • Careers in Oceanography: A great resource center for people who are interested to pursue a career in oceanography.
  • Careers in Marine Science: Provides information on job responsibilities, outlook, salary, and more.