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Paddle Sport Resource Guide

Written by Stephan Aarstol

Paddle sports are catching up with the masses as a new means of adventure. People looking for a change from the normal sports like tennis, football, basketball and volleyball; find paddle sports as a welcoming change. Canoeing and kayaking are popular paddle sports where a single person paddles in flatwater or in whitewater. Stand up paddle boarding, also called SUP, is an emerging watersport where the participant paddles while standing on an oversized surf board. It can be done on rivers, lakes, and in the ocean.


History of Canoe - learn how canoeing came into existence and what factors promoted the growth of this water sports across the globe.

U.S. Canoe Association - Resources and information to promote canoeing in the United States.

American Canoe Association - Organization that promotes river conservation and paddlesports.

Types of Canoeing - Canoeing involves numerous disciplines. Get a familiar with various styles and strokes of each discipline.

Canoeing Equipment List - Get a detailed view of all the essential equipments one must take along while planning a canoeing trip.

Choice of Canoe Paddle - Proper Canoe paddle plays an important role in canoeing and allows you to enjoy it thoroughly. Read the expert advice to make the best choice.

Canoeing Safety Tips - If going for canoeing in summers, certain steps must be taken to evade all dangers. Read the essential tips of steering dry and keeping the danger at bay.

Canoeing- A Growing Sport - Read a report based on a survey ,which suggests that canoeing is emerging to be the fastest growing water sport.

Canoe Scientific Perspective - This document shed light on the scientific aspect of canoe which includes its construction, material engineering and design.

Competitions of Canoeing - Information about the various canoeing competitions which are arranged by American canoe association.

Canoeing Merit Badges - Merit badges are given to outstanding performers in canoeing. Here is a list of criteria’s required for securing merit badges.


Timeline of Kayaking - Travel through time and find out how kayaking came into existence and spread to the world.

Building of Kayak - Find a guided step by step process, specially made for school students to get simplified view on formation of kayak.

USACK - Organization based in North Carolina promotion kayak and canoe racing in the United States.

Kayaking Skills - Find links to get a detailed view on the basics skills involved in kayaking. 

Kayaking Strokes and Techniques - learn about the various strokes including reverse sweep, forward sweep which form the basis of kayaking.

Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association - Kayaking resources from the JSSKA.

Kayaking Boats - Read about the types of boat which will best suit the requirement of participant of this sport. Find further link to a detailed description of each type.

Florida Sea Kayaking Association - Wide variety of kayaking resources from the FSKA.

Kayak FAQs - Get answers to question related to Kayaking.

Difference Between a Kayak and Canoe - Although canoeing and kayaking are similar water sports, but some differences exist between the types of boats used for both. This links sheds light on those differences.

Clothing for Kayaking - This link provides a guide to the ways a person must clothe themselves while kayaking.

Kayaking Tips for Adventure Racing - Tips are provided for a safe kayaking specially for racers.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle Related Discussion - This is a public forum with links to different questions and related answers of kayaking.

Types of Paddle board - There are different types of surf boards available in varied shapes and sizes and serve the requirement of various individuals the link provides a detailed view on each type.

SUP Paddle Board Construction Types - There are different construction types for varied purposes. Read to know which type of construction best suits your need.

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons - A step by step guide to stand up paddle boarding adventure sport.

Learning to Surf - Follow a tutorial to learn surfing with a paddle board. The link provides the information to all the essential factors which need to be taken care of while going for surfing.

5 Paddling Tips for Girls - Improve your paddling by following 5 simple tips and enjoy the water sport even more.

Stand up paddle boarding - Get an insight into the new type of paddling and explore it.

Building a paddle board - Paddle board are made of wood and covered with waterproofing material. Here is information about the various structures in detail.

Longest Paddle Board Journey - An unusual tale of a man who began the longest journey on a paddle board.