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Sara Brown - Director of Customer Experience
Sara Brown

Sara graduated with a degree in Communications and a minor in Recreation, Leisure and Tourism from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. Thanks to her experience as captain of her college soccer team, she now adds value to her team with her competitive spirit, strong listening skills and lead by example work ethic.

The Chicago native decided to ditch the cold and head out to the seven seas -- where she worked onboard the largest cruise ship in the world. Dealing with many different cultures and personalities from all over the world allowed her to hone her communication and customer service skills.

After two years of cruising the world, Sara was inspired to continue her passion for travel and new experiences and bought a one way ticket to San Diego. She has graciously welcomed the chill, outdoorsy San Diego vibes and taken up surfing, paddle boarding and bon fires on the beach. In her spare time, you will find Sara cruising the boardwalk on her beach cruiser or longboard and playing with her rescued pup.