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Kids Water Play Safety

Written by Stephan Aarstol

On hot summer days, swimming is a great way to have fun and cool off. Remember to be safe when you are swimming and always follow pool and beach rules. Safety tips, like staying with a swimming buddy or listening to the lifeguard are simple, but they can go a long way in making sure you have a safe and healthy summer. If proper pool, beach, or swimming safety is not practiced, swimmers risk getting hurt or drowning. The following are some tips to help you have a safe and healthy summer by the pool.

What To Wear

Whether it is a set of swim trunks for boys, a tankini, bikini, or one-piece swimsuit, wearing the proper swim gear is important. Swimsuits are made of breathable material and help to protect the body from infection and bacteria that live in the water. If your child is not yet a strong swimmer, it is also important that the wear a flotation device, like a life-jacket or "floaties". They come in many different styles, from devices that attach to the child's swimsuit, to less restrictive, but still protective, "floaties" that slip onto the child's arms, these swim aids will give kid's make it easy to swim and play in the water and help to keep children from getting a mouth-full of pool water.

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Pool Safety

Playing in the pool is a great way to pass the time on hot summer days, but before jumping in, it's important that kids know how to keep themselves safe when they are in and around the swimming pool. Swimming with a buddy is a great way to stay safe, look out for each other and make sure that a friend does not wonder off or away from the group. Swimming in areas where the child can touch the floor of the pool comfortably is also important, and simple pool rules, like no running around the pool of diving into shallow water are great rules for a safe and healthy summer by the pool.

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Lake, River, and Ocean Safety

Swimming in a lake or in the ocean is a much different experience than swimming in a pool. Open bodies of water, like oceans, may have a strong current. Children should stay out of the water if the current is too strong; it can make it very difficult to swim back to shore and can be very dangerous. Only swim in areas that have a life guard on duty. Wearing protective footwear is also a good practice when swimming in a lake or ocean. Water shoes will protect your feet from shape objects that you may not be able to see under the sand, like sharp shells or rocks.

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Boat Safety

Boat rides in the summer are lots of fun, activities like fishing, knee boarding, water-skiing, tubing, and swimming are great for families with children. Before you hop into the boat for a ride, make sure to take all of the safety precautions, like wearing a life jacket, storing flotation devices on the boat, and plenty of waterproof sun block.

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Swimming Safety

No matter where you are swimming, it is important that you stay safe and avoid roughhousing in or around the water. Life jackets, swimming buddies, and lifeguards are all great important. If you are swimming and you or a friend is hurt or in a dangerous situation, make sure you get the attention of a grown up or lifeguard to help you. Avoid swimming in deep water and stay in areas of the water you are comfortable swimming in. 

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