Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

There are a lot of completely made up "top 10 ", "top 5", or "Best inflatable paddle boards" lists out there. They're just made up rankings by unscrupulous marketers so they can make commissions on Amazon sales. You can read all about that in depth in our best inflatable SUP myth busting article. It's pretty shady. Sadly, this type of fake inflatable paddle board reviews makes it difficult for consumers to find reliable inflatable paddle board reviews. For Tower's iSUPs, we'll try to illuminate things for you here.

To really understand who sells the best inflatable paddle boards, my recommendation is you ignore the made up lists, and instead rely on trusted media sources and find paddle board brands with a time tested track record. Take that approach and you'll find your way to the best quality iSUPs and the best inflatable paddle board brands... and likely right back here to Tower Paddle Boards.

Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

The Robb Report names Tower the #1 paddle board worldwide

Inflatable Paddle Board Pioneer & Market Leader

Tower has been a leading SUP brand for a good part of the last decade. In 2016, Tower was named one of the top 5 SUP brands worldwide. Tower is one of the pioneering brands of modern iSUPs. After prototyping them in 2011, we introduced some of the first 6" thick inflatable paddle boards to the market. That changed everything in the SUP market. Inflatable paddle boards went from representing less than 1% of SUP sales worldwide, to well over 70% in a matter of five years. In 2015, a year after being named the #1 fastest growing private company in San Diego (any kind of Company, not just SUP brands), Tower's inflatable paddle boards were named one of the 10 most impressive products in the US from the 500 fastest growing companies in the US (Tower ranked #239 on that list). In 2017, the prestigious Robb Report named Tower's Chris Craft Special Edition iSUP as the #1 paddle board worldwide, over $2400 and $3400 offerings from Naish SUP and Starboard (two leading retail SUP brands worldwide). The funny thing is that Tower's board actually sells for $649 direct to consumer!

Media is One Thing, but How About Sales?

Winning awards and media accolades is one thing, but where the rubber really hits the road is when consumers vote with their hard earned money. In 2018, People Magazine named Tower Paddle Board's iSUPs as one of the most successful products in the history of ABC's Shark Tank with (at the time) over $34,000,000 in sales. 

Best Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

Mark Cuban invests $150,000 for 30% of Tower Paddle Boards

Four years after Tower's Shark Tank appearance, Tower's iSUPs were still flying off the shelves. In a single day in 2016, Tower sold just under $400,000 of inflatable paddle boards (our wildly popular Adventurer 2 iSUP). Harvard would later publish an Harvard Business Review case study entitled, "Selling on Amazon at Tower Paddle Boards". While we still sell a few iSUPs thru Amazon, today we focus primarily on selling direct to consumers only thru our website so we can offer the absolute best value... as we don't have to give a growing chunk of your purchase price to the growing Amazon monopoly. Buying 100% direct just means better value for consumers like you. 

Inflatable Paddle Board Review of the Tower Adventurer 2

Inflatable paddle board review Adventurer 2

We introduced the 6" thick Adventurer inflatable SUP in 2012 and it became one of the best selling iSUPs in the world. Our Adventurer 2 improved on that basic design with a few minor design tweaks and it's been pretty much the gold standard that every other SUP brand measures their boards up against since. And there were a lot of copy cats. Some brazen brands even stole our name. There's literally like a half a dozen inflatable paddle board brands that used our same "Adventure" name for their boards. As they say, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

We have three color variations of the Adventurer 2. The classic gray/white one, a teal/white version called the Mermaid, and for a few years we offered a Chris Craft Special Edition one in blue/white with a teak colored deck pad. As we mentioned previously, the Chris Craft iSUP was named the #1 SUP in the world by the prestigious Robb Report. Other than color and deck pad, these are all identical inflatable paddleboards.

With tens of thousands of these inflatable paddle boards around the world, there are a lot of reviews out there. We've got a couple hundred inflatable paddle board reviews on our site. When you are ready to buy the kind of iSUPs, here's where you can purchase your own Adventurer 2 inflatable paddle board.

iSUP Review of the Tower Mermaid

iSUP review of Tower Mermaid

This is a simple color variation of our Adventurer 2 iSUP. We added a splash of color so it would appeal more towards the growing market of women getting into paddle boarding for everything from recreation, to exercise, to yoga. It comes in a beautiful teal and white color combo with a white traction pad.

While this is the same basic board as the Adventurer 2, the demograpic that uses this board slants heavily towards women so it's worthwhile checking out the iSUP reviews specifically left for this board. Check this link to see more product images and buy this women's paddle board.

Racing SUP Review of the Tower iRace

Racing SUP Review of iRace

The Tower iRace is a red board with white stripes. It's narrower that all of the rest of our SUPs so that makes it faster but also a little more tippy than our other offerings which are all 32" wide. Still, 30" in pretty wide and stable for most riders. Our goal here was to make a quality racing SUP that competitors could purchase direct to consumer for half (or less) what a racing SUP would cost them in a retail store. You can literally spend several thousand dollars on racing SUPs and then a bunch more to freight ship them all over the country if you are following a racing circuit. The Tower iRace kills two birds with one stone here as it's a substantially better deal when you buy direct to consumer, and it rolls up so you can transport it with ease even internationally to follow any SUP racing circuit you want to take on.

This red variation is a fairly recent color change (used to be a black and white design on older models) so there aren't a ton of reviews on our site yet, but check here for racing SUP reviews on the iRace. When you are ready, here's where we have our iRace stand up paddle board for sale.

Inflatable Paddle Board Review of the Tower Explorer

Inflatable Paddle Board Review - Xplorer

After we were one of the first paddle board brands to introduce a 6" inflatable paddle board to the market in 2012, a bunch of brands copied the success of our 6" iSUP after a few years. Not many copied our 8" thick by 14' Xplorer (okay, well a couple brands stole our name, if you can believe it... haha), but I'm not sure why. Everyone who gets it raves about it. It's also one of our fastest paddle boards. The 8" thickness makes this board 800% more rigid than the old school 4" thick iSUPs. It's a beast at this length and thickness, but it's an inflatable so it rolls up to about the size of a sleeping bag and it's just filled with air so it's not particularly heavy. It's a lot of fun.

Read up on some inflatable paddleboard reviews of the Xplorer, or you can check out product specs on our product detail page of this innovative touring paddle board.