Inflatable Repair On Paddle Boards

How do I patch my inflatable SUP?

There is an included patch kit with our inflatable paddle boards so that you can conduct an inflatable repair. There are two round patches that you can glue onto the board. Note that the glue is not included in the kit (it creates a product shipping class of hazmat materials, so we leave the glue out), but you can find it readily available in a hardware store. You will need to get "Vinyl Repair Glue". We do sell the glue separately as it is one of our best SUP accessories.

The first things you'll need to do is clean the patch and the area of the board with the puncture with acetone very thoroughly. If you don't have acetone, a wet rag with sop and water will do the trick. Repeat this cleaning of both pieces that will join three times, waiting 5 minutes between cleanings. Then you're ready to apply the glue, and you'll be applying 3 layers of glue. Apply a thin layer to both the patch and the to be patched area and spread it around evenly with a brush. Wait 5 minutes and repeat, then wait another 5 minutes and repeat again. After the 3rd application of glue to both surfaces, wait 5 minutes and then press the patch against the area to be patched evenly and use a spoon to apply pressure throughout the patch working from the center towards the edge and moving around the patch like a pie. Wipe off any excess glue with acetone. Let the patch job fully set and dry for 24 hours before you attempt to inflate the board.

Watch the video below for a quick overview.

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