Pump Up Paddle Board Gauge Installation

How do I install the pump gauge? It's upside down when I install it?

If you've tried installing the pump up paddle board gauge and it ended upside down, you're starting from the wrong direction. To install the gauge, first start with it facing downward. You will have to lift the pump handles a bit for it to fit. Then turn it one half turn to tighten. Be sure it is snug, but to not over-tighten as it is plastic on plastic and can strip the piece. If you don't have a gauge or your gauge is not working for some reason, you can still pump up your paddle board. Although you won't be able to tell what psi the board is at, you can pump for about 8 minutes and that should be plenty to starting paddle boarding. If you feel that the board is rock solid then it should be inflated enough to paddle board on. 

If you own one of our electric paddle board pumps, the gauge is apart of the pump as you can see in the photo below, therefore you do not have to worry about putting the gauge on. With this electric pump it will stop automatically when the inflatable paddle board is at the optimal psi. You do not have to press stop. 

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