Inflatable Board iSUP Gauge Won't Register

My gauge won't register - is it broken?

The gauge on your inflatable board will not register until the board is at 7-8 PSI. Even though it seems rigid, it will still be able to get more pressure. There is no way to over-inflate or damage the board with the pump provided. Just keep pumping until it registers! You should feel heavy resistance as you push down for about 20-30 pumps. After that the pressure should show. This may take 10 minutes and a few hundred pumps to get fully inflated. As we like to say our inflatable iSUP pump requires a bit of a workout before the actual workout. 

If you are looking for an inflatable board pump that requires little effort, our electric paddle board pump is perfect for you. You simply plug one end in to the cigarette lighter in your car or attach it to the car battery and the other end into the inflatable board and press start. With the electric pump, the pump will automatically turn off once the inflatable board is blown up to its optimal psi. You won't have to turn it off. One downside with this electric paddle board pump is that it is very loud but if you are looking for the easiest option, this is it. 

We recommend riding the board at 10-15 PSI.

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