Paddle Surfing Videos

Below is a collection of high quality paddle surfing videos for your enjoyment. Paddle surfing has boomed in popularity with the recent emergence of stand up paddle boarding. Paddle surfing is actually easier to learn than traditional surfing. This is because you don't have to go from laying down to standing up since you are already standing up. All you have to do is paddle till you catch the wave then ride it! Positioning yourself however is a bit difficult as it is harder to turn a paddle board than a surfboard. If you are interesting in learning more about paddle surfing, check out our SUP surfing page. 

Robby Naish and Peyo Lizarazu share a wave SUP

Kai Lenny Stand Up Paddle Surfing

SUP World Tour – Sunset Beach Pro Day 1

SUP Perfect Tube Ride

Stand Up Paddle Board Challenge

Laird Hamilton SUP Trick Compilation

SUP – Stand up paddle surf

Paddle surfing take 2

Blueline / Paddle Surf Hawaii Team


Extreme SUP – Airs, snaps and cutbacks

Laird Hamilton SUP Trick Compilation

Extreme stand up paddle surfing

SUP surfing Keahi De Aboitiz

Sapinus Pro Main Event Pro Main Event Day 1 Highlights

Paddle boarding the storm

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Hope you enjoyed these stand up paddle board videos. If you've got a recommended YouTube video to add, send it to us.