SUP Box with Logo Used to Ship SUPs?

Does my order ship in a generic SUP box or is there a logo on the SUP box?

Our stand up paddle boards (inflatable and hard boards) are shipped in cardboard boxes with the Tower logo and site URL on them. Although they are not heavily colored, they still clearly state our company name and logo. The box that our inflatable paddle boards are shipped in is approximately 35.5 x 10.5 x 15 inches. Our iSUP's are shipped via UPSn and our hardboard paddle boards ship via our freight partnership company.

We do not have an option to change these SUP boxes, so please plan your gifts accordingly. Wrapping paper can still easily be applied around the box to hide our logo and design.

Our paddleboard accessories are sent in basic SUP cardboard boxes without any sort of logos or headlining. If the accessory can fit in a small USPS flat rate envelope then they will be sent through that medium.

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