Two Person Paddle Board Deal

Does Tower have a 2 board discount?

We do not have a current discount for two-board orders. Since we sell direct, we are already passing savings on to you. There's no retail markup on our prices that you'll see with other brands. We keep our prices as low as possible anyway, which is why we don't have a two board discount.

We try to make our boards affordable for rental companies so that potential customers can try the SUPs before making a purchase. Because of that, we do have a bulk discount of $30 off the price of each board when ordering 5 or more boards in a single transaction. See our paddle board cost on bulk buys. This isn't exclusive to rental companies, so if you can put together a group of friends who all want tower inflatable paddle boards, you can definitely get this bulk discount as well - it just has to be made in a single order!

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