SUP Rental Fleet Accounts

Buy 5 or More Inflatable Paddle Boards
Save an EXTRA $100 on Each Board
With the coupon code: BULK100

Get in on the SUP craze by starting your own SUP rental, tour, and or lesson business. Anywhere there is water, SUP is coming. Entrepreneurial people all over the country are killing it with this easy to set-up business model. Tower is a HUGE fan of SUP rental businesses. You spread the word on SUP, and so we're here to help!

For quality paddle boards, Tower's manufacturer direct pricing on single unit sales is already the best value proposition on the market for quality boards. For rental fleet operators who buy 5 or more inflatable boards at a time, it gets even better! And yes, you can mix-n-match inflatable SUPs. We only offer inflatable paddle boards to rental fleets because the entire industry is moving this way - if you're not renting inflatable paddle boards, you're making a mistake. Hard board just get beat up too quickly in an rental environment, plus they're more difficult to store. Plus, with inflatable paddle boards, you can give your customers a board, paddle, pump, and a bag and they can throw it in their trunk for weekly rentals at like $150/wk.

* Please note; International orders DO NOT qualify for Bulk pricing.

Order online anytime, to activate the Rental Fleet Discount, enter the coupon code BULK100 at the cart or checkout page. The discount will be subtracted from your total.

Rental Fleet Bulk Buy Pricing - Save $100/iSUP !!!

Rental fleet discounts apply when you enter the coupon code, BULK100. Just add 5+ iSUPs to your cart. Discounts only apply to iSUPs placed in a single order. No exceptions. Rental discount cannot be used in conjunction with other sales or promotions.

Eligible Paddle Boards (Mix-n-Match Inflatable Boards! FREE SHIPPING!)

9'10" Tower Adventurer iSUP (board only) - $565 - Fleet Price $465 buy now

9'10" Tower Adventurer iSUP (package) - $679 - Fleet Price $579 buy now

10'4" Tower Adventurer 2 iSUP (board only) - $585 - Fleet Price $485 buy now

10'4" Tower Adventurer 2 iSUP (package) - $699 - Fleet Price $599 buy now

12'6" Tower iRace iSUP (board only) - $685 - Fleet Price $585 buy now

12'6" Tower iRace iSUP (package) - $799 - Fleet Price $699 buy now

14' Tower Xplorer iSUP (board only) - $735 - Fleet Price $635 buy now

14' Tower Xplorer iSUP (package) - $849 - Fleet Price $749 buy now

Swim Step 10' x 5' $799 - Fleet Price $699 buy now

Once You Order

We can list Tower Rental Fleets* on our Locations Map page (please see below for details). This will help us direct renters to your shop!

To be added to our Locations page please email with ALL of the following information:

-Order number (MUST order 5+ boards in a single purchase to qualify)
-Rental company name
-Tower board model(s) you have available
-Rental location (full address)
-Rental page URL
-Additional contact info: email, phone, etc.

*Please Note: To qualify as a Tower Rental Fleet, you must have ordered 5+ Tower boards in a single purchase. Location Map additions will be batched and updated every couple weeks. We will notify you via email once your listing is posted on our map. Please don't email requesting updates as to when it will be posted.

Rental companies without our boards will not be listed on the Location Map (but may request to be added to our Paddle Board Rentals page). Please do not request your company to be added to the Locations page if you do not rent out Tower boards.

Rental Fleet Tip

We highly recommend all rental fleets go with our 6" inflatable iSUPs or G-SUPs for the majority of their rental fleet. iSUPs are perfect for rental fleets - every smart fleet out there is switching over. iSUPs are a viable alternative to traditional epoxy hard boards rentals anywhere outside of the surf zone. They are extremely durable compared to EPS/Epoxy boards and will last many seasons. More importantly, they are easily transportable by customers without car surfboard racks (which is most of them). Renting is as easy as handing a customer a couple of duffel bags and they're off!

G-SUPs are another viable alternative for rental fleets as they truly are a durable, high-performance paddle board. No more ding, dents, or constant repairs. You can literally whack these G-SUPs with a hammer and it will just bounce! You won't have to replace your hard boards every year with the G-SUP, and our guess is you'll get 5 seasons or more out of them!

In 3-5 years, we believe most SUP rental fleets will be on iSUPs because of the numerous benefits they have over traditional epoxy hard boards, which are frankly quite fragile and thus rental operators have had to replace them yearly.

SUP rental rates vary from place to place, but it's a very hot activity right now. Here's what typical rates are in San Diego (where there is a lot of competition)

- $15-$20 per hour

- $45-$50 for a half day

- $60-$80 for a full day

- $150-$200 per week

Get your SUP rental fleet up and running today!