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10 Beautiful Wooden Paddle Board Photos

There’s nothing quite like a brand new wooden paddle board. The fresh look and aesthetic that wooden paddle boards provide is unbeatable. Match that with the high level of performance it provides, and you’ve got yourself a classic wooden SUP. There's something special about wooden paddle boards that only they can provide. Made out of hard work, and expertise shaping, they sure catch the eyes while out on the water. Here’s our top 10 favorite wooden paddle board photos to pay homage to these beautiful boards.

Starting us off with our very own Tower wooden sup. You can say we're a bit biased, but we guarantee you our wooden paddle boards are some of the best stand up paddle boards on the market. Made out of veneer bamboo, and constructed with sandwich molding technology, our wooden classic boards are extremely durable and coated with two layers of epoxy. Our wooden paddle boards will have you looking better than ever out on the water.

wood board construction

There's definitely an art to shaping high quality wooden paddle boards, and we like to think we've mastered it.

 underside of a wood board

Wooden paddle boards always remind us of long summer days spent out on the lake or bay, having fun with our friends and paddling to new places.

 Tower wood paddle board with logo

Our EVA foam deck pad provides our wooden paddle boards with extreme grip and matches well with our slick look and feel of the board.

 Retro wooden paddle board

Retro wooden paddle boards always manage to catch our eye. It's awesome to see how past generations took on shaping boards, and we love to cumulate their ideas and designs into our present day boards. This particular board has quite a unique deck pad (or lack there of) and uses a simple groove to keep the rider stationary.

 Man walking with a wood paddle board

Tower wooden paddle boards remain remarkably lightweight despite their large size thanks in large part to the specialized lightweight veneer we use in our boards construction. Matched with our central indented handle, bringing our SUP's in and out of the water is a breeze.

 woman laying on a Tower wood paddle board

An awesome place to find yourself out on the water. Where will your wooden sup take you?

 Retro wooden paddle board on a lake shore

Another retro inspired board. Made for streamlined planing speeds, and quite pivoting movements, this board looks straight out of the 70's surf movement.

 Tower wood paddle board nose

Paying close attention to each detail, we reinforce our nose with extra strength bamboo veneer, and a hard outer layer of epoxy. We look to solidify the common ding areas of our wooden paddle boards to ensure you can spend more time out on the water and less in the repair room.

 pair of wood paddle boards leaning against a bush

Two's always better than one! Grab an extra board for you and your special one and take to the water with matching classic wooden paddle boards.