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Inflatable Paddle Boat & Board Inflation Time

How long does an iSUP take to inflate?

Our inflatable paddle boat or board takes about 10 minutes or less using manual air pump for inflatables for any of our inflatable paddle boards. This hand pump comes included with every inflatable paddle board package. The electric paddle board pump is about 1 minute per PSI. So about 10-15 minutes for any of the inflatable paddle board. This item does not come included and would have to be purchased separately. Although the two pumps take about the same time to inflate an iSUP, they differ greatly in the amount of effort required.

The manual hand pump that comes with your iSUP package takes quite a bit of energy to inflate. It is going to take at least a few hundred pumps to get it to the desired psi for your inflatable paddle board to be fully inflated. It is a bit of a workout before your actual workout as we like to say. However, if you do not want to exert any energy before paddle board and are looking for an effortless way to inflate your iSUP, the electric paddle board pump is for you. You simply plug one end into the cigarette lighter in your car and the other end into your stand up paddle board and press start. The electric pump will automatically shut off when your board is at the optimal psi.