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Inflatable Air Valve Leak Troubleshooting

How do I fix a leaking valve on my inflatable SUP board?

On rare occasions the H3 inflatable air valve on your inflatable paddle boards is not tightened 100% by the factory. If this is the case on the board you received, when you try to inflate it you'll notice air seems to be leaking out the side of the valve fitting. If this is the case, get out the one of our integral stand up paddle board accessories, the valve wrench, and tighten the valve fitting by turning it clockwise. You'll have to have the iSUP board mostly deflated so you can grip the internal component of the valve with your hand to hold it still while the outer component gets turned with the gray plastic valve wrench.

Because the skin of the board is pretty thick, it's not so easy to get a good grip on the back side of this valve. It's difficult, but not impossible. This is exactly how the factory installs these valves. Although an inflatable air valve leak is very uncommon, it can happen. If you have tried all the trouble shooting techniques explained above and still can't get it to work you may need to replace the iSUP valve, a must have sup accessory. If that is the case you can follow the instructions on the video below.