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Inflatable Repair Kit for Paddle Boards

Does the inflatable paddle board come with a repair kit?

Yes, you will find an orange inflatable repair kit in the box with your iSUP board. It should include a grey wrench and a couple PVC patches. Glue is not included in the kit. You only need to use the grey wrench if your board valve is leaking air. Don't use it for deflating your board--you will void the paddle boards warranty if you do so. The patches are made of the same material as the board. You will need to source PVC or vinyl repair glue at a local hardware store if repairs are ever needed. We also sell a glue separately, as it is one of our most popular SUP accessories

Our inflatable paddle boards rarely have malfunctions. If they do, it is usually a small cosmetic issue that won't effect the integrity of the board. Backed with a two year warranty, your boards are ensured for a while if something were to happen. One of the main benefits of our best inflatable SUP have over a wooden sup is that they are far more durable. You can drop them or hit them against almost anything and they will remain intact. For a full of boards check our our best stand up paddle boards. Below is a video to show how to patch up your iSUP with your inflatable repair kit.