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Inflatable Paddleboards Susceptibility to Damage

Do rocks or coral damage the iSUP?

No, most rocks you encounter should be no problem for your inflatable paddle board. Our iSUP boards are built with double layers of PVC, so they are extremely durable and can handle a lot of abuse. We have customers use our boards on white water rapids all the time without issue! If you are paddle boarding in an area where there are sharp reefs, it is much more likely that you will damage the reef than the reef will damage your board. Because of this we encourage you to be careful while paddling near reefs so that you do not damage or harm marine wildlife. 

We have put our inflatable paddleboard through numerous tests to ensure we are making the most high quality iSUP on the market. For example, we have dropped an iSUP from a 3 story building onto concrete to ensure that it doesn't pop when it hits the ground. We have even ran a car over them to portray the insane durability that these inflatable paddleboards offer. 

An inflatable paddle board offers immense benefits over a traditional stand up paddle board. As you will see in the video below, inflatable paddleboards are more durable, portable, storable, affordable and safer than wood paddle boards. Because of these amazing benefits, inflatable paddleboards have become the most popular type of paddleboards on the market. Check our our entire line of the best inflatable SUPs to see which one is the best fit for you. 

Check out this video below to see the construction and durability of our boards.