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Paddle Board Repair Videos

We have curated an extensive mirage of paddle board repair videos that will help you fix any type of damage that your paddle board incurs. If you own a wooden paddle board or epoxy stand up paddle board then your SUP can get easily damaged. Whether you bump it into the side of the car or scrape it on a sharp rock while paddle boarding, your SUP will need to undergo immediate repair before you can get back out on the water.

One of the many benefits that our inflatable paddle boards is that they cannot ding and are very durable. You won't have to worry about laying it on the ground or scraping it off some rocks, the double layered PVC will hold up to almost anything. We even ran one over with a car and the blow up board remained inflated. 

Solarez Ding Repair

How to repair a ding

How to fix a ding on your SUP quick:

How to repair your board using Solarez

How to repair

Repair with Solarez:


Epoxy 101

Repair broken nose