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Paddle Board Seat Option on SUP?

Can I add a kayak seat to an inflatable paddle board?

Yes, you definitely can add a paddle board seat to your inflatable paddle board! We have a lot of customers separately buy seat attachments for their boards. You can buy our D-rings, one of our best paddle board accessories, if the seat doesn't come with any, and install the d-rings on the sides of the board to easily attach and detach the seat. A lot of people use inflatable boards for fishing--because of their weight capacities--or for paddling like a kayak/canoe--because of the board's stability.

For a fishing paddleboard we recommend our touring paddle board due to its massive size. At 14 feet long and 8 inches thick, this board is incredibly stable and can fit all of your fishing gear. As you can see if the photo below, there is plenty of room on your iSUP to hold your gear, a cooler, and you. Unfortunately, we do not sell a paddle board seat add on so you would have to find one at a Bass Pro Shop or similar outdoor retailer.