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Stand Up Paddle Board Fin Included

Yes, all of our stand up paddle boards come with a center fin. Be sure to check within the packaging for it. It will not come preinstalled on the board, you will have to install this fin yourself.

All of our iSUP models come with small, permanent side fins. These are pre-installed and you won’t have to do a thing to them! Just let them straighten out in the sun if they bent a bit in transit or storage. The center fin that is included in your iSUP purchase is the isup paddle board fin. This stand up paddle board fin is easily installed with the hook + pin method, and seen in the following video.

For a better visual representation of which fin goes with which of our paddle boards check out our SUP fin replacement guide.

Non-Inflatable Paddle Boards Fin Installation

Our classic wooden stand up paddle board come with a center fin, along with two Futures brand side fins. Since these boards are primarily used for surfing waves, we include these side fins for enhanced traction and planing while surfing on the boards rails. Our hardtop paddle boards have a Futures fin box, so if you plan on purchasing replacement fins make sure they are Futures brand.

We carry two different types of non-inflatable paddle boards. You can view our wooden sups to see if this is the type of non-inflatable paddle board you are in the market for. Although our inflatable paddle boards have many advantages over non inflatable paddle boards, there are some great qualities that make our non inflatable paddle boards so awesome. First, they are beautiful looking. Made with a bamboo veneer, you will for sure be the most stylish paddle boarder on the water. Another advantage is that they can go a bit faster than our iSUPs.