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River Paddle Board Fin Option

Is there an option to buy a shorter fin for shallow water or river use?

River Paddle Boarding

Yes, we received a lot of requests for a river paddle board fin for river and shallow water use. We came out with a 6” SUP fins for inflatable paddle boards. This river paddle board fin is the exact same as our standard hook and pin paddle board fin except that it is shorter so it can easily navigate shallow waters. If you are using your stand up paddle board in a river or shallow pond, purchasing the river fin is integral to a good paddle boarding experience. The river fin is only compatible with our inflatable paddle boards. It does not come included with the purchase of a iSUP package. Only our standard paddle board fin comes included with an iSUP package. 

Paddle Boarding in a River

Paddle boarding in a river is very different from paddle boarding in a large lake or ocean. The biggest difference is how shallow the water is. Because of the shallow waters in rivers you must be careful to not fall off your paddle board. With rocks below you it can be easier to injure yourself if you fall off. Also if there are very sharp rocks you could potentially damage your inflatable paddle board. However, that is very unlikely if your own one of our inflatable paddle boards. Built with double layered PVC, our iSUPs are virtually indestructible. We have dropped them off of buildings on to concrete and ran them over with a car and they can withstand that.