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River SUP Paddle Board Videos

Below is a collection of river SUP paddle board videos to help you learn more about paddle boarding in a river. For those of you that don't have access to an ocean, lake, or pond, but are near a river, paddle boarding is still a great activity to do. We even sell a paddle board river fin that is only 4 inches deep so that it can navigate the shallow waters without scraping on the bottom. 

Blackdog paddle, whitewater SUP

C4 CKS Colorado River SUP surfing

RiverSUP wide screen DVD promo

Rogue River SUP

SUP river surfing Thailand

SUP Pigeon river

SUP river surfing

Munich river SUP

SUP the Puntledge river

Yosemite SUP river run

Whitewater SUP at the lower Yough PA

Playing on the river with an inflatable SUP

2009 whitewater stand up paddling championships

Learn to SUP whitewater video

Stand up paddling whitewater with Dan Gavere