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Blow Up SUP Valve Type on Paddle Boards

What type of valve is on the inflatable boards? Will a tire pump or compressor work?

All of our blow up sup boards have a H3 valve. It's not unique to our boards, so you may have an adapter that fits. The valve on the board will not fit a tire pump nozzle without some sort of adapter. We do not specifically sell one, though. If you buy one of our inflatable paddle board packages, your order will come with an air pump for inflatables so you will not need to buy a separate air compressor. This is a manual pump however, and so it does require a bit of effort. If you want to pump the iSUP board up without any effort, we sell a electric paddle board pump that will do the trick. Simply plug this in to the cigarette lighter or the battery of your car and then press start. The electric pump will stop on its own once the board it inflated to the optimal psi. 

Be careful when using any pump other than the ones we sell. The board has a max capacity of 25 PSI. We recommend riding it anywhere from 10-15 PSI. The warranty on the inflatable paddle board is voided if you use an air compressor as that will likely over inflate the board and cause irreparable damage.