GoPro Paddle Board Mount Options

Can I add a GoPro mount to an inflatable paddle board?

Yes, we have had customers add the adhesive GoPro paddle board mount to their iSUP. While it isn't the most secure choice, according to our customers is has worked for them, but we won't take responsibility if it does come off. There is plenty of room on all of our inflatable paddle boards to mount a gopro. Most of our customers like mounting it on the front nose of the iSUP to get a frontal view however it also works great on the back so you can see video of what you're paddling into. If you plan on using your paddle board for SUP surfing, having the gopro mount on the back of your SUP is cool because you can get awesome footage of yourself carving up the wave. 

It may be wise to also secure the GoPro via the pre-installed d-ring, our best selling paddle board accessories, on the front of the board in case the adhesive mount is compromised. Below we have a gopro paddle board video of one of our first paddle boards ever created. This was a classic stand up paddle board, but the gopro mounts easily to our inflatable paddle boards as well. 

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