Paddle Board Pump Options for iSUPs

What kind of pump options are there?

We have two pump options: a manual air pump for inflatables and an electric paddle board pump. Both pumps take about 10 minutes or so to inflate the board to 10-12 PSI.

The manual iSUP pump is the pump you will receive if you purchase the inflatable board package. It also comes with a gauge so you know what PSI your board is at. We recommend inflating your board to 10-15 PSI. We often have customers think their pump gauge is broken because it is not registering a pressure. Just keep pumping! It is very rare we have issues with the gauge--you are simply not at a high enough pressure yet (even if your board feels rigid!). You won't over-inflate or damage the board with this pump, so keep pumping until you see the gauge move to 10 PSI or so. It'll take about 20 or so pumps of pretty heavy resistance before you get up to 10 PSI.

We also have an electric iSUP pump option. This is a set-it-and-forget-it type of deal. Pick the preferred PSI and once the board reaches it the pump will turn off. They also have car battery and cigarette lighter attachment options. So if you're going for convenience, this is the pump for you!

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