SUP Storage

SUP storage can be a difficult part of owning a traditional stand up paddle board. Unlike a surfboard, sup storage can take up a lot of room and large SUP boards may not fit in some storage spaces or on top of cars for transportation. With a surfboard, storage and transportation is usually (and rightfully so) an afterthought. Most short boards can fit in a closet and inside your car. Long boards are a little more problematic, yet still can usually be tilted up vertically in the corner. 10' to 12' stand up paddle boards, on the other hand, are probably closer to a kayak than a surfboard when you consider storage and transportation. Before you buy, it's wise to give some thought to the SUP storage solutions you have available, and also what you will use for SUP transportation. We've identified some products to help in that regard. Also, it may be worthwhile considering this when selecting a SUP size, as sometimes a SUP board under 10ft makes life a lot easier.

The sup storage and transportation issue is another reason that inflatable SUP boards are so amazing. Our inflatable stand up paddle boards can be deflated to fit in any car and then easily inflated when your are at your paddling location. It takes a matter of minutes to have your iSUP board fully inflated and ready for use. iSUP's are the most versatile type of stand up paddle board on the market. iSUP's can be deflated and rolled up to about 1 foot tall making them capable of fitting almost anywhere. An inflatable stand up paddle board takes all the stress out of your sup storage worries. To understand if an inflatable board is right for you check out our SUP buying guide

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