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SUP Fishing is Blowing Up... Literally
paddle board with fishing supplies loaded on

With the introduction of inflatable paddle boards, the days of needing a boat to go fishing out on the water are over. No longer is it necessary to have a $3,000+ dollar boat and the insurance and fees that come along with it, all to just go fishing. The new, efficient, and cheaper way of fishing is Sup fishing.


A touring paddle board provides fishermen with more than ample room to cast their rod, and can withhold up to 500+ lbs of onboard weight, easily making them able to carry a full days worth of fishing equipment. Coolers, extra rods, bait and even your dog can now join you onboard your next fishing adventure. 


There is a common misconception that inflatable paddle boards will easily “pop” and deflate if slightly touched or hit with a fishing hook. The reality is that the majority of inflatable paddle boards are extremely rigid and durable due to their PVC based outer layer. Tower Sup fishing boards are nearly unpuncturable, and made out of military grade PVC plastic.


Watch as we attempt to break one of our inflatable paddle boards, but to no luck with multiple objects:

It’s easy to see how and why Sup fishing has become such a phenomenon. Most solo fishermen are now almost always seen on a SUP rather than a boat, especially in states where fishing is extremely common like Florida, Georgia, California, and the Mississippi. Sup fishing boards are extremely cheap as well when you take into account their lifetime and how many times you will use them year round. 

The advantages of using a fishing paddleboard far exceed any alternative. Sup fishing boards will allow you to trek into hard to reach areas where no fishermen have been before! Narrow rivers and heavily congested tree growth will no longer prohibit your fishing. SUP paddle boards will easily navigate through difficult terrain that boat’s would stand no chance, leading you to find new secret fishing spots likely abundant with fish.

Sup fishing also allow anglers to be closer than ever to water level. While paddling on an inflatable paddle board, you’ll be able to see fish right underneath you! This is extremely beneficial, and will let you know if you're in a good spot to cast your rod. Inflatable paddle boards also make little to no noise or disturbance on the water, allowing you to be more incognito, and not scare off a potential catch.

Another advantage of iSUP fishing boards is their transportability and storage. Sup fishing boards are extremely easy to inflate and deflate, and with our inflatable backpack for iSUP they're easy to bring down to hard to reach river mouths and fishing spots. Watch how easy it is to bring your paddle board with you to a remote lake or river:

Attachments can easily be added to iSUP fishing boards, making them extremely versatile and customizable. D-rings, extra handles, and cargo nets are all great additions to help store any onboard equipment. You can even create a hatch and cargo net to hold a cooler, or tie a seat down using d-rings to have a portable seat on your board while fishing.

Sup fishing is the real deal. iSUP fishing will allow you to explore new fishing spots you never knew imaginable, save you money, and hopefully help you catch more fish than ever before. Purchase a fishing inflatable paddle board today and see how it can transform your fishing experience.