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Paddle Board Inflation Issue

My pump nozzle won't secure--what's wrong? Do I have the wrong nozzle?

We have the same valve on all of our iSUPs, so the pumps we sell will work for any inflatable paddle board. Whether you are using our air pump for inflatables or electric paddle board pump for your beach paddle board each nozzle is the same. You may need to use a bit of pressure to get the nozzle secured during the first few uses. It will become easier with each use.

If your hand pump’s nozzle does not seem to secure right off the bat, try flipping the red rubber o-ring upside down so the flat side is facing out. This should solve the problem! If you still can't get it to work you may have a problem where you will need to replace the hose or valve. We sell our paddle board pump hose separately as well as our H3 iSUP valve as it is one of our must have SUP accessories.