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Paddle Board Carrier Restrictions on Flights

Can I check my iSUP on a plane? How easy is it to transport?

Yes, you can definitely check your inflatable paddle board on a plane! It's a bit too big to bring on as a carry on, but you will be able to transport it as a checked bag in a large duffel or the iSUP inflatable backpack we sell. This iSUP backpack makes it incredibly easy to take your inflatable paddle board anywhere. It can even fit the air pump for inflatables and paddle board paddle so you will have everything you need fro your paddle boarding journey. 

One of the main benefits of having an inflatable paddle board is that it is very easy to transport. Because it can roll up into the size of a large sleeping bag, you can fit it almost anywhere. No longer do you have to have a large truck or van to transport your stand up paddle board. You can keep it in the trunk of your car for road trips or easily check it on a plane. There is even a bungee cord on the back to bring other gear such as towels and spare clothes. Our inflatable paddle board backpack is one of our most popular paddleboard accessories