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iSUP Paddle Board Center Fin Installation

How do I install the center fin on my iSUP paddle board?

Your isup paddle board will come with an inflatable paddle board fin. This fin slides into the fin box of your isup and locks into place with its pin. By design, the pin is used to secure the fin in the box without needing any tools. To install the fin, hook the front of the fin base over the catch in the fin box and pull back. Then push the fin down over the back catch. Then insert the attached pin to secure everything in place. Wiggle to make sure everything is secure.

This center fin is intentionally very deep which helps your board track nice and straight. Some of our customers have asked us if we have a smaller fin for use in really shallow streams or rivers, and the answer is, yes! We sell 4" deep river SUP fins.

On older model Tower iSUP paddle boards (pre-2014)

Our older model iSUP fin came with a fin + screw setup with a black head. If your board was purchased pre 2014 your fin box should have a built in receptor for this screw.

When putting the center fin into the fin box, put the brass rod end through the wider opening at the center of the fin box and down into the track. The rod will slide down the track. It's pretty tight sometimes, don't be afraid to tap it back into position.

Push the front of the fin base down and line up the hole at the top of the fin base with the hole in the fin box. Thread the screw into place. Sometimes it's a really tight fitting fin and you'll just barely be able to get the screw threaded into the plate. Don't worry about using a little pressure, it will catch.

Please note: If you are using your board in salt water, it is best to rinse the fin box off with fresh water after use so the pieces do not corrode and the fin remains easy to take on and off the board. Lost or damaged fins are not covered under warranty.