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Standup Paddle Included with iSUPs?

Does the iSUP come with a paddle?

Your iSUP will come with a standup paddle if you ordered a package. Each inflatable paddle board package comes with an air pump for inflatables, sup paddle, and a replaceable paddle board fin. Each inflatable paddle board is sold on its own or as a package option. If you get the board only, it will not come with the standup paddle or iSUP hand pump. One common purchase decision that many customers will do is purchase the board only, and then add on a standup paddle, and an electric pump to the order. This way they can buy our electric paddle board pump, and not waste any money on the hand pump that comes with the iSUP package. Our electric iSUP pump makes it incredibly easy to inflate your paddle board. Because our hand pump requires you to manually push the pump up and down it can be a bit of a workout before you even start paddle boarding. This is why some people prefer our electric pump. It takes about the same amount of time to inflate but almost no effort. You simply plug one end into the cigarette lighter in your car and the other into the board and push start. 

We also have a plethora of other paddleboard accessories that will enhance your paddle boarding experience. From an inflatable backpack for iSUPs to a SUP leash, we have everything you will need to become a paddle board expert. See the inflatable paddle boards product page for each iSUP for details.