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Stand Up Paddle Board Leash Attachment Point

Is there a D-ring on the back for a leash?

Leash Attachment to Inflatable Paddle Board

Yes, there is a D-ring on the tail end of the iSUP to tether a stand up paddle board leash. We also sell D-Rings if you would like to install more onto an inflatable board, they are one of our best paddle board accessories. You may be wondering if a leash is necessary to have with your inflatable paddle board. If you plan on sup surfing, paddling in rapids, or any other activity that you can get easily separated from your board then we highly recommend buying a paddle board leash. However, if you simply plan on using your paddle board to paddle around a calm lake or bay you most likely will not need a stand up paddle board leash. If you are in calm water the chances of you falling off your board and the board drifting far from you are very small. If you want to be extra safe then a stand up paddle board leash will help. 

We carry only the best leashes made by Dakine, an industry leader in surfing accessories. We sell two different types of sup leashes, a 10' coiled leash and a 10' straight leash. The coiled leash is nice because the board will naturally come back to you when you fall off. 

Here's a link where you can purchase a paddle board accessories D-ring.