Paddle Boards for Sale

All Around Paddle Boards

Key benefits of all around paddle boards include:

  • Can be inflatable or hard boards
  • 80%-90% of paddle boards sold are all around boards
  • Perfect for flat water paddling on lakes or bays
  • Many are okay to surf with in small waves
  • Easy to test drive as this is what SUP rental shop carryaA
all around paddle boards for sale

All around womens paddle board - Mermaid 10'4" iSUP

At Tower, we focus on all around paddle boards so most of our paddleboards, both inflatable paddle boards and traditional hard SUP boards, are all around paddle boards. Here are four Tower paddleboards you should consider:

Inflatable SUPs

Key benefits of inflatable SUPs include:

  • As good as hard boards for most people
  • Surprisingly rigid - most people barely notice they aren't hard boards
  • Far more durable and less susceptible to damage than hard boards
  • Deflate and roll up for easy storage
  • Easy to transport on a car, plane, or on your back on a hike
  • Softer than hard boards when you fall or hit the board
  • Highly resistant to puncture - like a whitewater raft material
inflatable sups for sale

Inflatable paddle board Adventurer 2 10'4" (Our best seller)

At Tower, we are a pioneering company in inflatable SUPs, as well as an industry leader. We pioneered the 6" inflatable SUP and introduced them to the market in 2012, which eventually took iSUPs from less than 1% of the SUP market to over 70% today. That innovative spirit led us to be named one of the top five SUP brands in the world by 2016. Our Chris Craft special edition (a color variation of our iSUP Adventurer 2 and iSUP Mermaid boards) was named the #1 best paddle board (hard board or inflatable) in the world by the prestigious Robb Report in 2017, over $2400 and $3400 competitor paddle boards... while our board sold for thousands less at only $699 direct to consumer. Here are 4 Tower inflatable SUPs you should consider:

Touring Paddle Boards

Key benefits of touring paddle boards include:

  • Made for speed and covering long distances
  • Better for tandem riding
  • Great for hauling gear
  • Longer boards provide for excellent tracking
touring paddle boards for sale

Touring paddle board - Xplorer 14' iSUP

At Tower, we exclusively sell inflatable touring paddle boards because longer hard boards provide unnecessary storage and transportation challenges. In fact, the benefits of inflatable paddle boards far outweigh the benefits of a hard SUP when you are looking at a touring paddle board. Storability, transportability, the ability to run your board up on a beach or rocky shoreline without damaging it, and massive volume to accommodate the carrying of gear are all iSUP benefits that align with the needs of touring paddle board riders. Here are two touring paddle boards you should consider:

SUP Surfing

Key benefits of SUP surfing boards include:

  • It's one of the most enjoyable ways to SUP
  • SUPs have significant rocker (upward curve on nose) so you don't nose dive
  • Lower volume and shorter so easier to turn on waves but more difficult to balance
  • Lighter weight so easier to carry to the beach
  • Shorter, so often can be transported inside your vehicle
  • Always hard board SUPs as you need the edge transition to carve the wave
SUP surfing board for sale

All around / SUP surfing - 9'10" wood classic

At Tower, we don't specialize in SUP surfing boards. Both of our all around wood hard serve double duty and SUP surf quite well even in medium size waves, but they are not dedicated SUP surfing boards. We refer to ours as more "all around / wave" paddle boards. If you're just going to be SUP surfing, you are better to go with a dedicated SUP surfing brand. Three we can recommend are: Naish Surfing SUP, Coreban SUP Surfing, and Starboard SUP Surfing. If you plan to do both flatwater and some SUP surfing you should take a look at the following:

Racing Paddle Boards

Key benefits of racing paddle boards include:

  • Naturally, they are among the fastest SUPs out there
  • Narrow boards means less drag, but easier to tip which can challenge beginners
  • Pay attention to SUP racing class length specifications
  • Great sport to immerse yourself in the local SUP community
  • Excellent workout benefits to racing paddle boards
  • Lightweight often as they use exotic construction materials
  • Racing iSUPs can be checked on a plane, while hardboards costs $100s to $1000s to freight ship
racing paddle board for sale

Racing paddle board - iRace 12'6"

At Tower, we only currently offer inflatable racing SUPs. While hard board SUP racing classes dominated serious racing in the early days of the SUP craze, they are extremely burdensome and heavy to transport, especially internationally. This led to only a small select group of paddlers competing on the racing circuit as it was a money losing proposition. Inflatable racing paddle boards solved this transportation problem, so it's a growing segment of the SUP racing industry. Here are two inflatable racing paddle boards you should consider:

Paddle Board Yoga

Key benefits of paddle board yoga include:

  • Fun outdoor fitness routine
  • Social way to get in nature, and get a tan while toning your body
  • The more stable the platform, the better so go wide and stable
  • Flat traction pads or inflatable SUPs are ideal as they won't mark up your skin
  • Inflatable paddle boards are ideal as they are soft at points, but rigid along length
  • Cargo net to hold a water bottle and other necessities
paddle board yoga

XL paddle board yoga - Xplorer 14'

At Tower, we specialize in inflatable paddle boards for beginners so all of our iSUPs are 32" wide (except our dedicated iRace racing SUP), which makes them ideally stable for paddle board yoga. Here are three paddle board yoga SUPs to consider:

Fishing Paddleboards

Key benefit of fishing paddle boards

  • You can access any spot you need to
  • Wide, stable stand up paddle boards are ideal
  • Room for an ice chest / seat that can house all the poles, tackle, bait, and catch
  • There are dedicated fishing SUPs, but any SUP board can work
  • Rugged enough to run up on the beach or rocky shore
Fishing Paddleboard for Sale

Men's fishing paddleboards - Adventurer iSUP

At Tower, we specialize in inflatable paddle boards, what we feel are best suited for fishing. Fishing iSUPs have the added benefit of being easily transportable, even in a backpack, in the cabin of a larger board, or on the back of a 4-wheeler so you can best reach remote fishing locales. While there are dedicated fishing paddle boards on the market, all you really need is a cooler on an iSUP and you're good. Yeti coolers have all kinds of fishing attachments for their coolers, so your fishing paddle board is just the water platform and transport underneath. Here are three fishing paddle boards to consider: