Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to ALMOST EVERY question on stand up paddle boarding

General FAQs

Is my order shipped in a generic box?

Are fins included with my SUP?

Do your SUPs come with a bag?

How is my order being shipped?

I only got part of my order, what's going on?

Does Tower ship internationally?

Does Tower have a military discount?

Can I pick up an order in store?

Where can I rent a Tower board?

Does Tower have a two board deal?

Does Tower drop-ship or wholesale?

Can I pay on a Payment Plan?

What's the ship time for inflatables and accessories?

What carrier do you use to ship?

What board maintenance tips do you have?

Are secondhand boards under warranty?

Inflatable Board FAQs

How durable is an iSUP?

Can rocks damage an inflatable SUP?

Are inflatable SUPs good for yoga?

Is it single chamber or are there multiple air sections?

Does it come with a paddle?

Is there a d-ring on the back for a leash?

Does it come with a leash?

Is there an option to buy a shorter center fin?

Can you attach a bungee to the board to store items during transport?

Can you attach a GoPro mount?

Can you add a seat to the board?

How do I inflate my SUP?

How long does the iSUP take to inflate?

What are the recommended and max PSI for the board?

What kind of pump options are there?

What kind of valve is on the board?

Can I use an electric pump with this board?

How do I install the pump gauge?

My gauge won't register, is it broken?

How do I secure the pump nozzle? Do I have the wrong one?

My pump isn't building pressure in my board - what do I do?

How long can I keep my board inflated?

How do I deflate and store my inflatable SUP?

What PSI do I inflate my board to?

How do I install the center fin?

Does the board come with a warranty?

Is there a repair kit with my iSUP? What's included?

What is the grey plastic wrench in my repair kit for?

Is it normal to have a big bubble on my board? What about clusters of little bubbles?

How do I fix a leaking valve?

How do I patch an iSUP?

Is the board small enough to carry on a plane?

Hard Board FAQs

How can I track my hard board shipment?

How do I repair a G-SUP?

How do I make my board track straighter?

What are side fins used for? Do I need side fins?

What is the hex wrench that came with my fin for?

How do I ride a paddleboard?

How do I repair my SUP board?

How do I install the center fin?

Paddle FAQs

What is the best paddling technique?

How do I paddle my SUP?

Does the paddle float?

Can the paddle be used as a kayak paddle?

Will Tower cut and glue my paddle?

How do I know what length my paddle should be?

How do I cut a SUP paddle?

How do I epoxy my paddle handle?

How do I care for my SUP paddle?

Can my paddle damage the side rails of my SUP?

Can a SUP paddle snap?